9 months.

18 countries. 5 continents.

75,000 km traveled in the air and 30,000 km on the ground!


These are only a few snapshots from our trip. We witnessed thousands of unique events and experienced many encounters that we will remember for the rest of our lives. Our trip was a success not only thanks to our own determination, but also thanks to our families and friends who kept supporting us and were helping us remotely with logistics throughout the entire trip. We are also grateful that our employers were kindly allowed us to take a long leave of absence.

Today, after coming back, we can share at least some of our adventures with you. This website contains both news and information published during our trip (short updates, diaries from every country we have visited, photos, published articles, etc.) as well as some practical information that we put together and published upon our return (notes about planning the trip, budget, detailed itinerary, etc.)

We wish you happy travels on our website!

Jitka and Marek

(Minneapolis, USA, July 6, 2004)