Redwoods and Oregon Coast 2007
(1.9. - 9.9. 2007)

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Mill Creek Campground


We camped right under this huge Redwood tree stump.





Stout Grove

Stout Grove is an old redwoods grove where most trees are 600-700 years old.


Redwoods are the highest trees of the world.


Fun rocking bench


Tomas had fun exploring fallen redwood trees - walking on the trunks or.....


.....climbing through them.


Enderts Beach

As the morning fog slowly lifts from the beach, we discover a beautiful part of the wild and rough California coastline.


Tomas was getting tired and needed a hug.


Crescent City

In the evening, we stopped at the Crescent City harbor and observed local sea lions.


Golden Bluffs Beach

After a day in the redwoods, we drove to the coast for a relaxing evening walk on the beach.


Elk Prairie area

Another hike through the majestic redwoods.


The name of the tree could not be more true -- the wood really is red.


Much needed drink after a two hour walk. Forget the sippy cup - I can drink straight from the bottle now!


Coastal Drive

We stopped for a picnic at one of the viewpoints on Coastal Drive. Tomas followed doves into the tall grass nearby.


Tomas is having his first conversation on a cell phone -- he talked with our friend Jana for good five minutes!


Redwood Creek Beach

We enjoyed big waves and sunset at the beach.


Tomas and Marek looking out for the next wave.


Picnic at sunset




Harris Beach State Park






Wildlife Park (near Bandon)

Tomas enjoyed feeding deer and goats. He laughed hard whenever they leaked his palm.


Hugging baby donkey


Cape Perpetua Recreation Area

On our way from Bandon to Charleston, we stopped at a beach for some evening fun. Tomas enjoyed playing in the sand....


....running on the beach and enjoying ocean waves.


Shore Acres State Park

Beautiful gardens in the park


Unique rock formations along the shoreline


Watching sunset together



Next day we watched sea lions and seals resting on the rocks just off the shore.


There were hundreds of them.


Lincoln City

Tomas is building his first sand castle on a beach in Lincoln City.



The water was cold, but Tomas did not mind. It was a hot summer day.