Glacier Peak Wilderness
August 8 - 12, 2008

5-day loop from Phelps creek trailhead to Spider gap, Image Lake, Buck Creek pass and back through Trinity to Phelps creek. 
Total: 52 miles, 4000m elevation gain

Day 1 - Phelps Creek trailhead to Spider Glacier
(Friday, August 8th)
7 miles, 900m elevation gain
Easy and short hike through Spider Meadows to Spider Glacier (rather snowfield). Rain in the afternoon (after I pitched my tent). Great views from capsite down to the Spider Meadows valley. I left at 11am and reached campsite around 3pm.

Day 2 - Spider Glacier to Image Lake
(Saturday, August 9th)
12 miles, 870m elevation gain, 950m elevation loss
Long hike to Image lake. Magnificant country around Spider Gap, Lyman lake, Cloudy Pass. Beautiful trail to Image Lake, but clouds limited views. Most of the day was partly cloudy, rain came in the late afternoon (after I pitched my tent) and it rained all night. I left around 9:30am and reached Lyman lake at 1pm, Cloudy Pass at 2pm and Image lake at 5pm. 

Day 3 - Image Lake to Buck Creek Pass
(Sunday, August 10th)
12 miles, 1100m elevation gain, 1000m elevation loss
It stoped raining in the morning and I waited by Image lake until about 11am, but the clouds stayed. The trip to Buck Creek pass was less scenic that the previous two days, but still nice. Miners Ridge meadows are full of flowers. At Buck Creek pass I secured last campsite with direct views of Glacier Peak. Glacier Peak peaked through the clouds late in the evening. It did not rain. I left Image Lake at 11:30am and arrived at Buck Creek Pass at 6pm.

Day 4 - Day trip from Buck Creek Pass to High Pass
(Monday, August 11th)
8 miles, 850m elevation gain and loss
Day hike to High pass. This is an amazing country. There are flowers everywhere and the views from couple peaks above the High Pass are just amazing. This was only 8 miles total, but I spent an entire day taking pictures and admiring the scenary. This day was completely clear, no clouds at all. 

Day 5 - Return to Trinity and Phelps Creek trailhead
(Tuesday, August 12th)
13 miles, 455m elevation gain, 1190m elevation loss
I woke up early to take a few pictures of Glacier Peak in the morning sun and hiked up to Flower Dome. I left camp at around 10am and hiked down to Trinity, where I was at 2pm. From there I had to climb 3 miles and 200m to my car at Phelps creek (and I got there shortly after 3pm). The trail down was OK, but not exciting compared to my previous experiences. By the afternoon it was becoming cloudy again.


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